Using Extensible CSS Preprocessor Languages: Sass or LESS

Sass or Less

What are Extensible CSS Preprocessor Languages? So you’re probably wondering to yourself: What are these extensible CSS preprocessor languages and why should I use them? You might also be asking to yourself, why I should even learn a new way of writing CSS when I already know how to write it well? The answer is […]

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 How To Create A Beautiful Dropdown Menu Using Only HTML and CSS3

Dropdown lists as a navigation menu is commonly used as a way to help users navigate through a website. Creating them can sometimes be a bit difficult and some require more code than necessary, especially when you include jQuery or other JavaScript functionality into them. However, today I’ll show you a quick, easy, and beautiful […]

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 How to Use CSS3 :before and :after Pseudo Elements

When you’re trying to work with HTML content that you are unable to edit (perhaps partially because of technical, work-related, or project-based), the only option to add other content without touching the HTML structure is to use the :before and :after pseudo-elements.

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