Target Audience and Design Objective for Portfolio

My Portfolio Design

I wanted to create a portfolio that showcased my works while being able to keep a clean, well-designed website. I looked around and found some really interesting website layouts, some of which I chose for inspiration. The layout I chose was from a tutorial at which can be found here. I used the banner portion as inspiration and created one similar to the one in the tutorial. I then, however, changed everything else to fit my needs but still incorporated certain elements of the design.

I decided to create my portfolio to show how I can create clean, modern, and stylish websites through my own portfolio. The target audience for my website would be people who are in need of a web designer to fit their needs, other designers, or employers who may be looking for a web designer. The age group would probably be within the ages of 18 through late 40s.

As far as my design goes, I intend to display my skills through the design of my portfolio as well as some other works that I have done. Hopefully, with this website, I can show that I am able to design clean, user-friendly, and stylish websites.

Here is the link to my portfolio site:

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