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Nowadays we have everything we ever need to get inspired, especially with the use of social media applications and various other websites that offer vast amounts of information and ideas. As for myself, I find that there are many different ways to get inspired to help me become more creative.

Creativity is hard to measure because it depends on how others view your actual results. For me, I like to find inspiration first, in order to brainstorm ideas and ways to create a more creative product. In my case, creating websites takes a lot of hard work, but finding inspiration and being able to implement those ideas, helps me become creative.

I’ll show you a couple of different ways that I find best to strike that creativity inside me.

1) Social Media
With Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Kuler, etc. there are numerous ways to get inspired to help you become more creative. For me, I follow a lot of designers and websites that give out numerous information on new and inspiring things on Twitter. For Facebook, a lot of my friends post things during their day that may spark some interest in me and allow that inspiration to further my creative thinking. Also, sites like Delicious show numerous links that may lead to fascinating ideas. Even color websites like Kuler, help to inspire me with using various colors as well.

2) Blogs
Other blogs from designers or even blogs that have a community of designers is an excellent source to help me become more creative. A few sources such as Smashing Magazine, Noupe, Abduzeedo, Web Designer Depot, etc. has helped me to become more aware of current trends and allows me to get a feel for what is currently hot right now.

3) Photography
Photography is one of the best ways that I get inspiration to help me become more creative. When I need inspiration, I go to and look up all of the photographs from famous or pro photographers. Some of the photos they have really allow me to become more creative, just by observing the various colors, composition, and depending on the photo, allow me to incorporate what is in the picture and how similar things can be used in certain projects.

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